Lorraine Campbell is our outreach specialist ensuring that all of our clients’ appointment needs are taken care of. We know that you have a tight schedule, so Lorraine makes sure that we can see you without delay so your journey with GCES can get started as soon as possible.

Chances are, if you’ve called us for help with your retirement, you’ve spoken with Lorraine. She is your first point of contact leading up to your appointment, and her open style of communication and passion for education give clients a clear understanding of what they can expect before walking into a meeting. Her detail-oriented approach to her work sets her aside, and her glowing smile and bright personality make our clients feel right at home.

Lorraine spent more than two decades in the medical field, but she easily made the transition into finance. She transferred her skills and abilities in providing patients with care and services designed to drastically improve their lives to providing services and help to clients needing access to information critical for their retirement.

Sometimes federal workers aren’t provided the proper tools to understand their benefits, so Lorraine loves when clients are able to gain better perspective on their protections and opportunities as federal workers following an appointment with GCES. “I understand that retirement can be a scary and daunting process, so I try to alleviate their fears,” she said, adding that her favorite thing is hearing clients tell her that they’ll be able to retire soon or that their retirement is going well.

In her free time, Lorraine likes to dance, cook and listen to audiobooks. She also adores spending time with her husband, Gene, and her daughter who is currently making her own transition into the world of adulthood. Lorraine spends a lot of her alone time listening to music. A former drummer herself, she is a Led Zeppelin superfan.

She also loves to laugh and thinks comedy is one of the best ways to keep the office together and moving forward. “Tina is the office jokester. Our offices are right next to each other, and she keep me in stitches,” Lorraine says. “I think our relationship shows why our team at GCES works so well. We care about each other, we enjoy each other’s company, and we love having success together. Then those feelings carry over into to our clients.”