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Galen Bargerstock knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to wade through the complexities of financial planning. A military veteran who earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, Galen experienced the very specific challenges faced by most government workers: the navigation of endless automated responses and constantly changing policies. These experiences fueled Galen’s passion for forming a company that is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, he set out to be a genuine resource for others looking to make the most of their benefits and capabilities. That desire to overcome the intricacies and ever-evolving nature of benefits plans, retirement accounts and legislation was the spark that ignited GCES.

Having spent time in the military, it is in his nature to serve others. Today, as President and Co-founder of GCES, Galen advocates pre-retirees and retirees, helping them get on the right track to financial freedom. Galen believes that from the moment a person begins earning money, they are on a journey to their financial future. His priority is to ensure that every client’s journey is the one they envision by providing guidance tailored for their unique road ahead. Every step of the way, Galen’s clients can expect expertise, knowledge, and custom solutions delivered by a renowned industry leader. A licensed Financial Advisor, Galen holds a Pennsylvania life, health and annuity license, as well as FINRA Series 6, Series 63, and Series 65 licenses. For more about Galen, click here.

Galen’s abilities to listen with the intention to fully understand, impeccable attention to detail, and innate talent to simplify the complex allow him to establish a comfortable working relationship with his clients that is based on an educational approach. He knows that trust and excellent communication are the backbone of these lasting relationships. After all, it’s a big responsibility to be entrusted with managing what someone has worked so hard to achieve.
“Everyone has a story, and that helps me to better educate them and tailor solutions to their specific situation,” he says. That often means untangling the most complex knots of government legislation and decoding its notorious alphabet soup. His favorite part of the job? Getting new clients started on their financial journey and meeting with existing ones to ensure they stay on the right path.

When Galen finds himself with some free time, he loves to work out and cook — activities that help him maintain the healthy lifestyle that he is passionate about. And it’s probably a good thing that he’s also a big fan of music, so he always has something to listen to while on the road between appointments! He enjoys the outdoors and has become increasingly more active in the community. Above all, though, he loves spending time with Clint and says he couldn’t see himself in business (and life) with anyone else. “I rely on Clint for everything he offers, and he relies on me for everything that I offer. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we knock it out of the park together!”