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By Clinton Smith and Galen Bargerstock
Now available in audio format!

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The Story of Carl ‘n’ Barb

Although this book is a personal finance/retirement planning guide for federal employees, it is a story that is a work of fiction based on some of the clients that the authors have met and worked with over the years.

While educating the reader on what they should look out for when planning for retirement from government service, a healthy mix of humor and emotion emerges as this book looks at a family experience representative of what many of our clients face and live through when they decide to retire.

The fictionalized story about The Miller family is narrated by Barb. Carl and Barb Miller are both postal employees who have two kids, Emily and Jacob, and a dog named Spot. Barb’s father, Pap, is arguably the most endearing character in the book.

When Carl and Barb decide to start talking about retirement, they seek the advice of a financial professional, Galen Bargerstock, who was referred to them by a co-worker. When they meet with Galen, he takes the time to learn what they will want and need in retirement. Throughout the story, they keep in contact with Galen as they experience different life and professional events, adjusting their retirement plan as life changes.

Vacations, medical expenses, college, saving for retirement, caring for their father—the book covers all of the things that have to be paid for as the family progresses through the years, explaining federal benefits and how they fit in along the way.

The Authors

Galen Bargerstock

Clinton Smith