Clinton Smith is our CEO and fearless co-leader at GCES. With a background full of award-winning client and customer service, Clint knows just how to help each person who walks through our front door. He is also a builder, putting our team together piece-by-piece until everything aligns perfectly and he sees a clear pathway to success.

He measures that success by the actions and results around him, whether that comes through his clients or his team, and with Galen at his side, the two have reached points that they never could have dreamed of. “I don’t know anybody who could do what the two of us do,” he says. “I think that’s why we do so well in this industry.”

On a daily basis at GCES, Clint is in charge of marketing, branding and daily operations. If an idea is fully-realized in our office, it probably started with Clint. With a life, health and annuity license, he has now crossed the decade mark in this industry and refuses to stop expanding his horizons. And why would he? Teaming up with Galen and assembling the GCES lineup has been a dream come true and has allowed him to develop friendships he’ll have forever.

Now knowing what’s important, both to himself and to his clients, Clint is passionate about staying up to date on all of the latest legislation affecting government workers. He takes great pride in being able to educate clients on their benefits and protections, and his favorite part of his job is when he gets to watch a client retire and begin the next stage of their life.

In his free time, Clint is extremely active in his community. He supports the United Way of Indiana County and serves on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, all while rebuilding homes for those in need and fighting issues like domestic violence. He’s also a massive animal lover and a proud dad to six dogs. His lucky pups even reap the rewards of Clint’s cooking skills, which you can see on our Facebook page. He mastered his talent in the kitchen to fuel his rigorous gym routine and keep his body and mind in peak condition.

“I just want our clients to be happy. We’ll take care of the rest,” Clint says. “We always have, and we always will.”