Shawna Jones is the marketing director at GCES and is responsible for all of the art you see on the website and social media. She lives in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and she attended ITT Technical Institute where she studied multimedia and received her associate degree in specialized technology.

The strength of our team instantly skyrocketed when Clint, a high school friend, reached out to invite her to join us at GCES. He was looking for someone to illustrate our book, “The Story of Carl ‘n’ Barb.” Little did she know, the characters she brought to life would go on to become the faces of our brand, and the rest was history. Now her art is featured all over our site, our social media and our office.

She might be new to the finance industry, but two decades of experience in graphic design, marketing and photography make her an invaluable part of our team. Shawna’s creativity has always been the driving force in her art and her career, and she’s always chasing the next idea and next step she can take to bring GCES to a higher level.

Her approach to marketing for GCES is simple. She’s just honest. “I just try to let clients and potential clients know what we can do for them. I’ve watched Clint and Galen help so many different clients in so many different ways, so it’s easy to tell government workers about them,” Shawna says. “The whole team here puts so much time, effort and thought into making sure their clients have a sound retirement.”

Shawna’s favorite part about the job is how much fun she has at work every single day. Clint has built a fun yet professional marketing team that loves working together, making the job infinitely easier. “Clint has a way of lighting up the room, and having his level of thought and creativity at the head of the company makes it easy to come up with unique ways of reaching out to the public,” she says.

She is married to her high school sweetheart, Ben, who is the hardest worker she has ever known. “He never gives up, even on the toughest days,” Shawna says, noting that her biggest accomplishment is the life the two have built together. The house is always noisy and active with three children, two Boston terriers, a beta fish and a hamster, but Shawna wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It all seems to have fallen into place, personally and professionally,” she says. “Everything happens for a reason.”