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Shawna Jones gets the creative juices flowing at GCES like no one else can. When high school friend Clint brought her on board as Marketing Director, she was immediately an asset to the GCES team. Initially, Clint was looking for someone to illustrate their book, “The Story of Carl ‘n Barb,” (available on Amazon). Little did Shawna know that the characters she brought to life would quite literally go on to become the faces of the GCES brand. Now, her artwork can be seen all over the company’s website, on social media, and throughout the office.

Shawna’s two decades of experience in graphic design, marketing, and photography make her an invaluable asset to the team. Her creativity is her driving force, and she is always looking for unique ways of engaging with the GCES audience to keep them in the know. Because transparency is so important, she uses the company’s website and social media platforms to help potential clients get to know the team, even before meeting them in person.

Her approach to marketing is simple: Be honest. “I try to make sure clients and potential clients know what we can do for them. I’ve watched Clint and Galen help so many different clients in so many different ways,” Shawna says. “The whole team here puts so much time, effort, and thought into making sure that clients have a sound retirement strategy.”

Shawna, who lives in Indiana, Pa., is married to her high school sweetheart, Ben, who she credits as being the hardest worker she has ever known. Together they have three children: daughter Casey and sons Benji and Nolan. As a family, they enjoy the outdoors, sea glass hunting, music, and movie nights. They have two Boston terriers, Lucky and Molly, and a beta fish that their youngest son always renames. Shawna is also a fiber artist, creating macrame decor in her free time.