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Tune in every Monday at 8:10 am on WCCS AM 1160 and 101.1 FM.

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Every week, we’ll dive into the latest in the retirement world, both for public and private employees. By uncovering hidden secrets and using educational principles to help listeners manage their money, our show can help you enhance your financial literacy and get on a path toward confidence and security. So, join us Mondays at 8:10 a.m. on WCCS AM 1160 and 101.1 FM as we share stories and break down everything you need to know to find peace of mind in your retirement.

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Meet Galen and Clinton

Galen Bargerstock and Clinton Smith are the co-founders and spirited leaders of GCES. They built our company from the ground up with a focus on the team and the services and help we’re able to provide to each and every person who walks into our office. Though they initially started the company with a goal of assisting federal and government employees with their unique benefits, they quickly realized that they were able to help private employees, too! Now, our doors are open to everyone, and Galen and Clinton are the smiling faces you’ll meet the second you begin working with us. Learn more about them below!

Galen Bargerstock, President

Meet Galen

Clinton Smith, CEO

Meet Clinton

Indiana in the Morning with Todd Marino

Every weekday morning, Todd Marino, his co-hosts and his guests talk about the latest in music, news and more. On Mondays, GCES’s very own Galen Bargerstock and Clinton Smith join the show to talk finance and retirement strategies. In these short, snappy appearances, they’ll go over stories they’ve heard from clients and different ways they’ve helped them recover from financial turmoil and find comfort. Watch each of their appearances below!

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