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Tina Neese believes her job at GCES is the culmination of decades of hard work and that she has finally found the perfect career fit. “I can make a tangible difference here,” she says. “I love helping everyone on the team with whatever they need, and even more so when a client calls to tell me how happy they are with how we’ve helped.”

As GCES’s Client Relationship Manager, Tina diligently answers questions from clients and assists them in any way she can. With more than 20 years of experience in client relations, she takes pride in making each person she works with feel comfortable. That means giving them her undivided attention and effort. After all, her clients trust her with their most precious assets.

A native of Punxsutawney, Pa., Tina has been working on obtaining her Pennsylvania health and life insurance license, which will enable her to help Galen with clients’ policies.

Tina says her husband, Daniel, makes her laugh harder than anyone she’s ever met. They enjoy cooking, camping, shooting guns, fishing, discovering waterfalls, and just generally exploring nature.

Tina has two daughters, and raising them, she says, is the only job she has found to be more rewarding than her job at GCES. Now a grandmother, Tina feels she has found inner peace with a happy relationship, a growing family, and a job she’s passionate about.

“I just try to be optimistic, no matter what happens. I’m ready to take it as it comes,” she says. “Positivity seems to make everything fall into place. It’s worked in my life, and it’s worked at GCES, so I see no reason to stop.”