Clinton Smith

Clinton Smith

Award winning client service is the driving force of the continuous growth at GCES. And behind the wheel of that force is Clinton Smith, CEO of Government & Civil Employee Services, LLC.

With a background rich in hospitality and technology, his Client First approach has always been at the core of his accomplishments. Clinton defines his success by the success of those around him, a measurement comprised by the success experienced by both his clients and the team that Clinton and Galen have built together

Expanding GCES has provided the opportunity to help more clients, which is why, on top of managing the daily operations with clients and partners, Clint’s focus has been to build a team of passionate professionals whose genuine goal is helping others.

As a group of licensed professionals, GCES is dedicated to the continued learning of the group. Clint holds a Pennsylvania Life, Health and Annuity License and places a high value on the full understanding of changing laws and staying current on policies determined by the Federal Government

The Federal Government’s laws and policies can change frequently, and they typically change to help or benefit the employee; however, communicating this publicly presents many challenges. Clint and the team at GCES make it one of their top priorities to constantly educate their clients and help them to understand these changes.

Clinton’s passion to give back in his professional life is paralleled in his personal life as well. Philanthropic at heart, he enjoys volunteering his time to numerous charities in the Pennsylvania area. In fact, he is currently serving on the Board of Directors for both the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Indiana County. With the little spare time he has, he enjoys spending it with his dogs and learning to cook gourmet dishes.

The always giving Clint, offers three pieces of advice to his future clients:

1)   Call ahead for an appointment

2)   Worry about happiness…we’ll take care of the rest

3)   Don’t worry…everyone wishes that they found us sooner

Contact Clinton Smith at clint@gces.us