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Our Outreach Specialist, Lorraine is warm presence at GCES and an appointment setting extraordinaire. She is the first voice many of our clients hear and sets them at ease knowing that their retirement questions will soon be answered. Learn more about Lorraine…READ MORE




Lorraine Campbell-Taylor, Outreach Specialist, and incredible asset to GCES! Serving as the organizer of travel and appointments for Galen and the team, she ensures that all meetings are scheduled with adequate time to address each client’s specific needs while also mindful to never inconvenience a client by delaying an appointment time. Lorraine’s bright personality is a welcomed addition to the GCES team and her attention to detail is unparalleled.

Throughout her fulfilling career as a respiratory therapist, Lorraine developed a mastery of providing patients with much needed care and services designed to drastically improve their standard of living. After 20 years of success in the medical field, Lorraine was ready to apply her ability to connect with people and communicate life changing information and embark on a new career in the financial services industry.

As the Outreach Specialist, Lorraine engages and educates the federal employee community about the much-needed services offered by GCES. She serves as the primary point of contact for clients leading up to their appointments, answering any questions they may have and providing an outline of what to expect when meeting with a GCES adviser.

In her spare time, the always giving Lorraine, still occasionally helps out at her local community hospital when needed. Yet, the time she adores most is with her daughter and her loving husband, Gene. A family that would not be complete without their two dogs and two cats!