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Preparing for retirement is a significant milestone in everyone’s life. It represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and careful financial planning. However, navigating the complex landscape of retirement finances can be overwhelming, especially considering the myriad of investment options, tax implications and uncertainties that lie ahead.

Retirement planning goes beyond a simple calculation of how much money people need to cover their expenses once they stop working. It encompasses understanding various retirement accounts, optimizing Social Security benefits, managing investment portfolios and mitigating potential risks.

Given how daunting the process can be, the best option for many would be to hire an experienced financial advisor who could offer expert guidance and personalized strategies in order to make the retirement planning experience smoother.

At the heart of the financial advisory and retirement planning sectors in Indiana, Pennsylvania is Government and Civil Employee Services (GCES), spearheaded by a pair of dedicated veterans, Galen Bargerstock and Clinton Smith. Having served their country, these veterans have traded their uniforms for business attire, yet their sense of duty remains as strong as ever.

“We are proud to be a veteran-owned company, and our previous experiences have shaped our roles within the business,” Smith says. “I bring my expertise in marketing, PR and branding, while Galen serves as the financial expert.”

In an industry often characterized by impersonal transactions and a one-size-fits-all approach, Bargerstock and Smith stand apart as they embody the principles of integrity, commitment and personal service ingrained in them during their military service.

Their path to success, however, was somewhat long and winding. Upon completing their military service, the two Pennsylvania locals went through a few odd jobs to stay financially afloat, with Bargerstock working at a Medicare call center for several months and Smith working in the restaurant industry in Florida. Their paths converged when Bargerstock took a different job in Florida, but only several months later they were laid off from their respective jobs, which forced them to return home.

Soon after, Bargerstock started working at a company called Federal Benefits Review. “I’d already been familiar with the insurance industry because of my job with Medicare, and this brand new sector really resonated with me,” he says.

Federal Benefits Review unfortunately went bankrupt months later, but instead of giving in to despair, Bargerstock decided to take his fate into his own hands. Inspired by an idea from his former employer’s marketers, he teamed up with Smith and the two set off on their own entrepreneurial path in the finance market.

Fast forward to today, they are the cofounders of a widely successful firm built on their dedication to helping their fellow citizens navigate the often overwhelming terrain of retirement investment strategies and benefits services.

“We understand how intimidating the process can be, but planning ahead is extremely important in today’s climate,” Smith says. “That’s why our main objective is to provide comprehensive services and ensure everyone receives the necessary guidance to make better financial decisions.”

The GCES business model includes both in-person and virtual meetings where they meet up with individuals or families and go through their finances carefully before creating a customized retirement strategy that fits their clients’ unique goals, needs and visions. Moreover, GCES helps individuals understand when they can retire based on their current situation, and they also assist them in completing the necessary paperwork for retirement.

“We don’t view every interaction as an opportunity to earn money, but as a way to assist and educate people. The idea is to be as detailed as possible so that our clients aren’t left with any uncertainties or doubts,” Smith says.

With their tireless commitment and dedication, the GCES team has turned the financial maze into a personalized and rewarding journey. With GCES at the helm, the path toward a secure and enjoyable retirement isn’t just a possibility but a solid reality.

For more information on GCES retirement planning services please visit our website at or contact Lorraine Campbell-Taylor, Outreach Specialist at or 724-915-0008.

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